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Executive Interim Management: the Ultimate Business Solution in 2023?

Often sought during transitional phases or times of crisis, Interim Executives offer vast experience and specific expertise, ensuring quick and effective results. Rather than just filling a gap, these professionals strategically align with an organization's objectives, overcoming critical business transformations and challenges. 

What is Executive Interim Management?

Ideal for addressing gaps in top management resources or specific areas of expertise, Interim Executives provide a strategic advantage without the long-term commitment typically required for high-level positions. Their role is specifically designed to supplement existing management capabilities, thereby removing barriers, and improving performance.

Contrary to common perceptions, Interim Executives are not merely temporary placeholders. They are strategic planners, analysts, and implementers fully aligned with your organizational goals. Committed to long-term profitability and growth, these managers serve as practical problem-solvers. Their deployment is often more cost effective than traditional consulting services, leading more and more organizations to opt for interim management over consultancy when faced with specific challenges or transitional periods.

Exploring the Relevance of Interim Management in the Current Economy

Considering the current dynamics of the gig economy, interim management presents a flexible and cost-efficient solution for organizations requiring specialized expertise or additional capacity. As such, this approach bypasses the financial and operational risks of hiring permanent employees for short-term needs.

Amid the digitalization and technical development paradigm shift, organizations must quickly adapt, driving the demand for temporary high-level executives. The pandemic's economic impact has prompted companies to reconsider the overheads associated with full-time employees, such as PTO, healthcare benefits, and retirement plans, which can amount to 25% or more of an employee's salary. 

Post-pandemic, many baby boomers, ranging from entrepreneurs to corporate leaders, are opting for retirement or are being replaced due to perceived inadequacies in meeting recent challenges. Whether prepping a business for sale or ensuring a smooth leadership transition, the expertise of Interim Executives can be instrumental - they can maintain organizational momentum, assist in finding a permanent leader, and even mentor the new appointee.

Growth of the Interim Management Market

In periods of organizational change and transformation, there is a finite need for specialized skills and experience. Interim Executives fulfil this need by providing premium talent tailored explicitly for the transitional phase. 

In January 2023, 73% of interims were on assignment, up from 55% two years prior and 67% the previous year. Part-time engagements among European interims rose to 26%, a 4% increase from two years earlier. The latest survey results were released by INIMA, the International Network of Interim Manager Associations, a professional body with over 2,500 members.

As the organization stabilizes and establishes its new business-as-usual, the demand for such specialized expertise diminishes. Interim management offers a cost-efficient solution for acquiring high-quality skills for a limited duration, with the expectation that these managers will transition out of the organization as it reaches its new operational equilibrium.

Executive Interim Management  Solutions with xNorth

At xNorth, our Partners collaborate closely with our Interim Executives to deliver exceptional outcomes to our client companies in a timely manner.

How can we help you? Here are five scenarios warranting Executive Interim Management solutions:

1 - Transformational Change
During periods of significant organizational transformation, such as mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring, Interim Executives can provide expert guidance, ensuring smooth transitions, cultural integration, and effective change management.

2 - Crisis Management
When faced with crises, such as financial distress, operational challenges, or reputational damage, Interim Executives bring stability and expertise to lead organizations. They establish crisis management strategies, implement necessary changes, and restore confidence.

3 - Turnaround Initiatives
Engaging Interim Executives is a proven strategy for companies requiring fast turnaround. They assess the current state of an organization, identify operational inefficiencies, and develop and execute comprehensive plans to restore profitability and long-term viability.

4 - Project Execution
Interim Executives are adept at leading complex projects and initiatives. They bring project management expertise, ensuring the successful delivery of critical projects, meeting timelines, managing resources, and achieving strategic objectives.

5 - Leadership Succession
During leadership transitions, Interim Executives can step in within a few days to provide stability and continuity. They bridge the gap, maintaining momentum, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization until a permanent leadership solution is identified. 

Going through a crucial transitional phase in your organization? Get in touch with us.