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Interim Executives

Unleash your potential.
Is it time for a new challenge?
Are you ready to make a significant impact in a dynamic environment?
Have you considered becoming an Interim Executive?

Explore the realm of Interim Executive Leadership, where your expertise can tackle critical transitions, transform organizations and unlock endless possibilities.

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What is an Interim Executive?

An Interim Executive is a highly experienced professional who temporarily takes on an executive-level position within a company during periods of transition, crisis, or when a project requires specialized leadership.

Interim Executives possess an extensive portfolio of leadership experience at the C-Level or in executive positions. They utilize their unique expertise and strategic abilities to help organizations achieve their goals within a short timeframe. In contrast with consultants, Interim Executives are hands-on and operational.

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Why Become an Interim Executive?

The attractiveness of Interim Management as a career option for executives is growing due to factors such as flexibility, diverse opportunities, new challenges, and professional growth.

Challenge yourself and make a real impact within a short period of time.

Select assignments aligned with your preferences and personal agenda.

Gain experience across different industries and challenges.

Shape your career trajectory and continuously enhance your skills.

An Executive Interim Management career offers independence, variety, and personal fulfillment beyond the limitations of conventional permanent roles. However, not all executives can become Interim Executives.

Could you become an Interim Executive? Discover the traits that drive their success.

Min 10+ years as an executive

Deep expertise

Impact driven

Problem-solving approach


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Our Selection Process

At xNorth, our Interim Executives are at the heart of who we are. We are a community built of experts and talent looking to take on exciting challenges and make a real impact.


To get in touch with us, please apply on our website and follow the process for pre-qualification. If your profile fits our criteria, we will then contact you to set up an interview to get to know you and your objectives better.


During the interview process we assess each candidate’s abilities, soft and hard skills, and objectives. A background check will be performed on selected candidates to help understand their profile better.


As soon as candidates are qualified, they are officially invited to the xNorth community. With full access to our web portal, candidates are able to update their profile with availability, skills, location, etc.


If an opportunity fits a candidate's profile, our back-end technology will create a match. The candidate will receive an email to validate availability and will then be contacted for an interview. If a fit is found, a NDA will be signed.


We will organize a meeting with our client. The candidate's xNorth Partner will facilitate the meeting with the goal of ensuring both parties understand the objectives.

Final selection

If the candidate is selected, we will define their rate and provide them with our contracts and onboarding packages. This will mark the beginning of their role as a xNorth Interim Executive!


Our Functions

General Management

Finance & Legal


Information Technology

Human Resources

Marketing & Communications



Become an
Interim Executive

The attractiveness of Interim Management as a career option for executives is growing due to factors such as flexibility, diverse opportunities, professional growth, and sense of accomplishment. The gig economy is no longer restricted to tech workers, with more and more temporary top-level professionals being sought out by companies.

Are you interested in taking on new challenges and delivering real results quickly?
Are you striving for rewarding experiences?

Become an xNorth Interim Executive

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