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Who We Are

xNorth is a pure play Executive Interim Management firm operating in North America. We are not a consulting firm or an add-on solution to a larger executive search firm. We are 100% focused on our expertise to deliver the best results to our clients.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in times of transformation, growth, and crisis, we specialize in delivering rapid and effective solutions through our network of Interim Executives, guided by our Partners.

We pride ourselves on educating companies and candidates to increase the volume of Interim Management within the industry.

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Our Values

Delivering Unmatched Quality in Every Engagement

Your success is our success. Driving excellence & achieving goals is what we are best at. We stand beside our clients and Interim Executives every step of the way.

Empowering People and Building Trust

At xNorth, nothing matters more than real human connections. We pride ourselves on our community built of passionate people sharing the same values.

Achieving Rapid Results with Precision

We are constantly developing and growing relationships with executives to provide our clients with rapid solutions to their toughest problems. We are built to move fast.

Innovating Fearlessly and Leading with Courage

Striving for the best results in a fast-paced environment requires the ability to challenge beliefs and ideas. We foster big thinking and courageous moves, and never hesitate to question the status quo.

Maintaining the Highest Standards of Discretion

Due to the nature of our work, we always guarantee full confidentiality. We ensure that our Interim Executives and internal team are vigilant in protecting our data and knowledge.

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Why choose us?


Extensive Network

Our large network of highly skilled executives enables us to connect you with leaders who can make an immediate impact on your organization’s performance.

Industry Expertise

With our Partners’ firsthand experiences, we possess deep industry knowledge and insights, allowing us to provide tailored solutions.

Structured Process

From assessing a business situation, to selecting the best Interim Executives, to managing a project from start to finish, our structured methodology ensures optimal results.

Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully partnered with numerous organizations, delivering exceptional results across various sectors and ownership structures.

Commitment To Excellence

At xNorth, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

Are you ready to unlock your organization’s full potential? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our Executive Interim Management services can help accelerate your performance and overcome strategic challenges.


xNorth is led by accomplished executives, including a team of senior advisors, who have held positions with private and listed mid-large organizations


Benoît Créneau

President & CEO

Benoit is an accomplished executive experienced in leading organizations and teams through transformative periods. Former COO for a publicly listed company and Managing Director of several subsidiaries, his expertise includes driving growth, managing turnarounds, and executing M&A in Canada, France, and the UK. An Engineer (MSc), he has worked across several industries including Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and IT. Benoit is bilingual in French and English.


Régis Pichonneau

Partner & CTO

Regis is a respected executive with a track record of leading organizations to success as an Owner, Entrepreneur, and Interim CEO. His roles have focused on growth, transformation, and crisis management, demonstrating his capacity to steer companies through diverse challenges. His experience includes a significant tenure as CTO in a top European Executive Interim Management firm. His experience spans diverse sectors such as Telecom, High-Tech, Cybersecurity, and Consumer Goods.

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What type of companies would benefit from Interim Management?

In general, companies that seek Interim Management services are typically mid-size and large companies with a minimum of $50 million in revenue, extending to multi-billion-dollar companies.

How do Interim Executives and consultants differ?

Interim Executives are distinct from consultants as they are hands-on operational executives, that drive action rather than giving advice. They actively engage in executing strategies, managing teams, and driving results.

What is the average length of an interim management project?

The average length of an assignment is 8 months. However, assignments can run anywhere from 3 months to 24 months.

How quickly can xNorth mobilize an Interim Executive?

The exact timeline depends on the specific requirements of the assignment. However, in many cases, we aim to have an operational Interim Executive ready to start within 5 days.

What industries do xNorth’s Interim Executives specialize in?

Our executives have experience in sectors including but not limited to Private Equity, Healthcare and Lifesciences, Technology, Industry, Services, and Not-for-Profit.

Is it possible for a client to hire an Interim Executive for a full-time position?

Yes, if both the client and the consultant come to an understanding that they would like to continue to work together we can facilitate this and charge the client a conversion fee.

Which positions do xNorth executives typically take on?

We specialize in all C-Level and Executive positions, as well as VP and Directors positions in certain cases.

What does xNorth look for in its selection process?

In our selection process, we assess a candidate’s mindset, leadership style, ability to deliver results quickly, reliability, and track record. We also perform reference checks.

What is the typical length of an assignment?

The average length of an assignment is 8 months. However, assignments can run anywhere from 3 months to 24 months.

What support do Interim Executives get during an assignment?

Interim Executives are guided by one of our Partners who will provide support every step of the way including managing the relationship with the client. In addition, they will have access to our community of experts who are available for any queries.

Do Interim Executives need to be incorporated to join xNorth?

Yes, it is necessary that Interim Executives are incorporated. We provide all the resources to help with incorporation if needed.

Do Interim Executives need to get Professional Liability Insurance?

We do require that our Interim Executives hold Professional Liability insurance also known as errors and omissions. We provide all the resources to help with insurance registration if needed.

Do international Interim Executives need to establish a legal entity in Canada or USA?

We provide a solution that allows International Executives to work for a maximum of 12 months without establishing a legal entity in Canada or USA.

Is it possible for a client to hire an Interim Executive for a full-time position?

Yes, if both the client and the consultant come to an understanding that they would like to continue to work together we can facilitate this and charge the client a conversion fee.

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