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In an uncertain and evolving economy, companies look for flexible options to manage resources in a cost-efficient way, and keep transforming their organizations.

We are experts at providing Executive Interim Management and Fractional Executive Leadership Solutions. We strengthen our clients' leadership teams to address critical challenges during times of Transformation, Growth and Crisis. Our seasoned Interim Executives work hand in hand with our experienced Partners, ensuring objectives are met within deadlines.

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What is Interim Management?

Interim Management is a dynamic and strategic approach to managing leadership transitions, driving transformations, and achieving operational excellence.

It involves engaging, within a few days, experienced leaders on a temporary basis to address specific challenges, implement strategies, and deliver tangible results in organizations.

Interim Executives provide a cost-effective solution by avoiding long-term commitments and focusing on specialized skills on a short-term basis. It also enables companies to quickly adapt to evolving market conditions, address critical needs, and drive strategic initiatives.


Benefits for Companies


Rapid Response to Strategic Challenges

Rapid Response to Strategic Challenges

Interim executives bring a sense of urgency and agility to address critical challenges. They provide immediate support and expertise, ensuring that your organization can quickly respond to evolving market dynamics, competitive pressure, or internal transformation initiatives.


Access to Top-notch Executive Talent

Access to Top-notch Executive Talent

Engaging Interim Executives grants you access to a pool of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of experience and track records of success. These leaders have the capabilities to guide your organization through complex projects, change initiatives, or critical decision-making processes.


Objective and Independent Perspective

Objective and Independent Perspective

Interim Executives, removed from company politics, offer an unbiased and fresh perspective on your organization's challenges. They can analyze your business operations objectively, identify areas for improvement, and provide strategic insights that may be difficult to obtain from the existing leadership team.


Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-Effective Solution

Engaging Interim Executives is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time executive. Companies benefit from their expertise without the long-term commitment of a permanent position, reducing overhead costs and providing flexibility based on the organization's evolving needs.

Our Areas of Expertise


  • Digital Transformation
  • Performance Improvement
  • Reorganization
  • Leadership Gap
  • Carve-Out / Spin-Off
  • Project Management


  • M&A
  • Takeover
  • New Activity
  • New Market
  • New Strategy
  • Hypergrowth 


  • Turnaround
  • Restructuring
  • Crisis Management
  • Recovery
  • Short-Notice Executive Replacement

Our Methodology

As a pure player, we have developed our own methodology and structure for Interim Management. From assessing a business situation, selecting the right Interim Executive, to managing the project from start to finish, our process ensures optimal results.

Our experienced Partners are actively involved in delivering tailor-made solutions. From the diagnostic phase, to off-boarding, they work hand-in-hand with our Interim Executives to ensure our clients reach their goals.

Client + Interim Executive + xNorth Partners

01 - Diagnostic

Definition of the company’s context (leadership structure, strategy, culture, challenges).

02 - Selection

Identification of the right Interim Executive, introduction meetings with the client, mutual selection.

03 - Briefing

Interim Executive participates in internal briefing to hit the ground running.

04 - Onboarding

Initial meeting with the client to define the objectives and milestones.

05 - Delivery

Execution of the roadmap and review of the milestones achieved on a weekly or monthly basis.

06 - Offboarding

Preparation of succession strategy and handover.


Use Cases

Transformational Change

During periods of significant organizational transformation, such as mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring, Interim Executives can provide expert guidance, ensuring smooth transitions, cultural integration, and effective change management.

Crisis Management

When faced with crises, such as financial distress, operational challenges, or reputational damage, Interim Executives bring stability and expertise to lead organizations. They establish crisis management strategies, implement necessary changes, and restore confidence.

Turnaround Initiatives

Engaging Interim Executives is a proven strategy for companies requiring fast turnaround. They assess the current state of an organization, identify operational inefficiencies, and develop and execute comprehensive plans to restore profitability and long-term viability.

Project Execution

Interim Executives are adept at leading complex projects and initiatives. They bring project management expertise, ensuring the successful delivery of critical projects, meeting timelines, managing resources, and achieving strategic objectives.

Leadership Succession

During leadership transitions, Interim Executives can step in within a few days to provide stability and continuity. They bridge the gap, maintaining momentum, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization until a permanent leadership solution is identified. 

Contact us today to explore how our Executive Interim Management services can help accelerate your success in times of transformation and change.

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