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CEO Benoît Créneau Joins FCCCO’s “Club Lumières” to Discuss GenAI

Last week, our CEO Benoît Créneau participated in the “Club Lumières” organized by the France Canada Chamber of Commerce (Ontario, Manitoba). This club gathers CEOs from various companies within the Chamber to discuss the future of business and foster knowledge sharing. The focus of this session was on Generative AI (GenAI) and its strategic implementation, covering initial steps, governance frameworks, and real-life use cases.

Key Takeaways:

The discussion emphasized the importance of starting small with pilot projects to effectively showcase the potential of GenAI. These initial projects can help gain buy-in from stakeholders and demonstrate the tangible value that GenAI can bring to the organization.

Efficient governance was highlighted as a critical factor for success. It is essential for leadership to come from multiple departments, not just IT, to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to GenAI implementation.

Concrete use cases were shared, illustrating the practical applications and benefits of GenAI in various business contexts. These real-world examples provide valuable insights into how GenAI can be utilized to drive innovation and efficiency.

Leveraging the success of initial projects is crucial. Successful GenAI projects can inspire and foster a culture of innovation within teams, encouraging further exploration and adoption of advanced technologies.

Finally, the importance of surrounding oneself with the right partners was underscored. Collaborating with knowledgeable and experienced partners can maximize the potential and effectiveness of GenAI implementation, ensuring a smoother and more impactful integration.

Benoît Créneau shared insights on the governance and the value of bringing onboard interim executives to lead such initiatives effectively. Interim executives can provide the necessary expertise and leadership to navigate the complexities of GenAI implementation, ensuring that projects are aligned with strategic goals and deliver meaningful results.

We extend our gratitude to the Chair, Sonja Volpe (CEO BNP Paribas Canada), Co-Chair, Jerome Leroy (Vice-President Nexans North America), and the FCCCO team, including Riva (Manpreet) Walia (MD FCCCO), Martin Cloutier (President FCCCO and Managing Partner Forvis Mazar Canada), and Sanjay Tugnait (CEO Fairfax Digital) for organizing this insightful event. Special thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, and LTIMindtree for their valuable insights.